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3 ways social media impacts a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Family Law |

Social media has become a mainstay in modern culture that has many positives. It also comes with plenty of negatives, especially for people going through a divorce.

For people going through a complicated divorce, it is best to maintain a low profile. Frequently posting on social media apps has three potentially negative outcomes.

1. Leaving a trail of potential evidence

Although going back and looking through pictures and posts is nostalgic, it means there is an unsecured trail of evidence. Even deleted posts never truly disappear. Someone will see a rant even if it is quickly taken down. Posts also include extra information, such as location and time. This information becomes potential evidence by the other party.

2. Revealing spending habits

Money ranks high regarding divorce cases. Maintaining a social media account makes spending habits visible. While buying a new car or taking a vacation is acceptable, it may not look good to outsiders.  These types of posts, especially frequently going out, may have a negative impact on spousal support decisions.

3. Hurting custody arrangements

Divorce comes with tension. Allowing that tension to boil over in a public way has a detrimental effect on custody decisions. The state of Georgia has a checklist to determine the best interests of a child. Even if it is not a true reflection of parenting skills, posts about drinking alcohol or going on a date may point to an unfit parent.

Navigating through a divorce takes a mental toll. Changing behaviors during the process is one way to avoid further complicating it.

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