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How can technology improve your co-parenting experience?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Child Custody |

Following a divorce, you may find it difficult to work with your ex. Even if you and your co-parent have a good relationship, managing every aspect of parenting while separated can still feel overwhelming.

According to Parents, you can use your phone to manage many aspects of co-parenting without meeting in person.

Keep on schedule

You and your ex have to keep track of various schedules. Not only do you have to keep track of your kids’ routines, but you have to keep track of your schedule and your ex’s parenting schedule. Many co-parenting apps allow you to keep a calendar. On the calendar, you and your ex can note necessary appointments or events for your kids. Some apps even allow you to color code the schedules based on which kid the event refers to.

If you have to change the schedule, you can also use the app to discuss changes with your children’s other parents.

Reduce conflict

If you have trouble talking with your ex without conflict, you should try to speak through text or a messaging app. The messaging app attached to many co-parenting apps saves every message, so you do not have to worry about deleted messages. In addition, some apps will check your tone to ensure that you do not sound too combative or hostile. Over text, you may have more difficulty reading tone.

If you and your ex share costs of different expenses, the app allows you to keep track of it. Not only can you track child support, but if you pay fees for an extra-curricular activity, you can put a note of it for your spouse. You can ensure that your spending remains fair.

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