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How do mediators help in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Divorce |

When going through divorce, you have numerous options available regarding how you want to tackle it. One of the most popular methods? Mediation.

But how does mediation work? What does a mediator do in the first place?

A mediator’s duties

FINRA discusses the role of a mediator. Generally speaking, mediators exist to act as a bridge between two or more arguing parties. Mediators often help in business disputes as well.

In divorce, a mediator’s job is to assist both parties in reaching a resolution that they both find reasonable and agreeable. Of course, it helps if the couple already share a relatively amiable relationship on their own, but this is not strictly necessary.

One of the first duties of a mediator is to ensure that disputes do not get out of hand. If an argument erupts, they can step in and de-escalate the situation, allowing for both parties to collect themselves and continue.

The unique skill of a mediator

Beyond that, one of a mediator’s best skills is to provide a unique third-party perspective and opinion. They have a viewpoint of the relationship and divorce proceedings that neither party in the couple has, and they can utilize it to suggest methods of handling problems that the couple would likely not have thought up.

Mediators do not, however, have the legal power necessary to make you follow any of their suggestions. Thus, they provide a reasonable and valuable service without leaving people feeling boxed into listening to another party or following what they suggest.

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