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Actions that constitute parental alienation

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Judges are placing an increasing level of importance on preserving the relationship between the children of divorce and each of their parents. This leaves divorcing parents in a situation where interaction and time-sharing become expectations. This can be challenging when the relationship is poor, but your children should be the priority.

When one parent directly interferes with the relationship between the children and the other parent, it may qualify as parental alienation. Know the signs so you can address the problem right away.

Persistent interference in visitation and communication

If your co-parent repeatedly cancels your visitation and takes steps to prevent your contact and communication with the children, this may qualify as parental alienation. This includes actions such as taking away cell phones, limiting access to instant messenger communication and refusing phone calls.

Manipulation of emotions

Badmouthing a parent in an effort to sway a child away from that parent often qualifies as parental alienation. The same applies when a parent lashes out, acts hurt or otherwise manipulates a child into showing them affection at the detriment of the other parent. For example, convincing a child to cancel a weekend visitation because the custodial parent gets lonely is a form of parental alienation.

Parental alienation can carry long-term consequences for the affected children as well as the alienated parent. Recognizing the signs of parental alienation helps you seek a resolution or address the problem in court before it significantly affects your relationship. The more proactive you are about preserving that bond, the better it is for you and your child.

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