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Parenting plans need to occur soon after divorce

The decision to divorce is one that impacts the two adults in many ways, but none of these compare to what their children are going through. These kids have lived with their parents in the same home for their entire childhood. Now, they are finding out that they will have to adjust to having two different homes and not being around both parents at the same time. This is a very difficult adjustment for them to make.

Working with your ex might make custody a tad easier

Children have a lot of questions when they find out that their parents are going to divorce. Many of these questions might revolve around whether they are responsible for split or not. As a parent, you will need to assure the children that the divorce was a personal decision between you and your ex. We know that this might be difficult but you need to work toward trying to help them understand what is going on.

Consistency is 1 goal of parenting plans in child custody cases

Child custody cases are often challenging to work through. Since you and your ex aren't getting along very well due to the divorce, it might be hard to come up with resolutions the matters in the custody case. As you are working through this, you must remember to keep your children's interests first.

Co-parenting during the school year: 5 tips to follow

With the school year in full swing, there could come a point when the co-parenting decisions you make significantly impact your child in some way. With the right plan in place, both you and the other parent can work together to ensure that your child has the best chance of achieving success in the classroom.

Work with your ex-spouse for a successful school year

Nothing throws a kink in a well-crafted custody schedule like the start of a new school year. Between homework, sports events, after-school clubs, choir or band practice and all the other things that can occupy both kids and their parents, it can be tough to maintain a workable plan.

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