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When should a couple consider a prenuptial agreement?

When a Georgia couple is planning a wedding, it is easy to forget certain steps that can provide security in the future, such as drafting a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is not only for couples who are wealthy or possess high-value assets, but it is also for average couples who wish to protect their future interests. Taking the time to plan ahead can be very beneficial for a couple in case of a future divorce. 

Divorce doesn't have to be a negative experience in Georgia

The word "divorce" often sparks negative images in people's minds due to the fact that battling over who will keep certain assets is a norm. For instance, people in Georgia may fight over who will get the marital home or how a shared business will be handled. However, with appropriate legal counsel, people can work toward a settlement that will benefit them financially; divorce offers many emotional benefits as well.

Judge upholds prenuptial agreement after challenge

Everyone on their wedding day thinks that they will spend the rest of their life with the person they are going to marry. Despite this confidence, many people in Georgia choose to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect them in the event of a divorce. Unfortunately, such an agreement may not be upheld in court if it seems to be unfair or was coerced. One out-of-state judge has recently ruled to uphold one couple's agreement, even though the wife claims she was a victim of fraud.

Should prenuptial agreements include social media contingencies?

With the increase in the use of social media, more couples include clauses in prenuptial agreements pertaining to social media use. What is posted on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, could be a source of concern and marital tension. Prenuptial agreements can include practically any detail that is important to the couple, such as what is allowed to be posted publicly by the two spouses.

Social media prenuptial agreement becomes new trend

Social media has been used to break up friendships. It’s also been used to break up marriages. Most people in Georgia have likely heard of prenuptial agreements. However, now there’s a new trend among people who are about to get married -- getting a social media prenuptial agreement.

Divorce issue centers on custody of future baby by surrogacy

Sherri Shepherd is a co-host of The View on national daytime television. Her three-year marriage to Lamar Sally is on the rocks and the subject of divorce actions filed by both parties. The case has some of the typical bells and whistles that celebrity breakups and divorces can bring to the public eye. This case, however, contains an unusual issue regarding child custody and support that may be important in the developing jurisprudence of child custody law, both nationwide and in Georgia.

Prenuptial agreement can be helpful for Georgia couples

A prenuptial agreement can be very helpful for certain couples. While not all Georgia couples may need a prenuptial agreement, it is certainly worth investigating before making a decision. A recent article gave a few examples of why this document could be helpful to some individuals.

Prenuptial agreements losing their stigma in Georgia

Even just a few years ago, most middle income couples did not consider signing a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements were considered something that only wealthy couples needed to protect their wealth in case of divorce. Today, however, even middle income Georgia residents are recognizing the protection that prenuptial agreements can provide.

Georgia couples: possible to benefit from a prenuptial agreement?

Georgia residents preparing for marriage may not have considered a prenuptial agreement yet. Some people may not think one is necessary if they do not have a large amount of wealth or assets, but that could be due to lack of information on the person's part. A recent article discussing the situation between one prominent pairing may show people that a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial to all couples.

Georgia couples could benefit from a prenuptial agreement

Georgia residents getting married may or may not be considering a prenuptial agreement. Some couples feel as if a prenuptial agreement isn't romantic, it can in fact be a loving act. While some may not think they need one, a recent article pointed out several reasons why even those that may not think it is necessary could benefit.

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