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Let Us Defend Your Financial Interests

At Ordway Law Group, LLC, we provide clients with strategic guidance and thoughtful advice in matters related to spousal support. Having worked with a significant number of mid- to high-asset clients, our attorneys have meaningful experience promoting and defending against complex petitions for alimony.

We are dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients in every aspect of divorce. This includes helping you understand your rights when it comes to alimony concerns.

Understanding Alimony In Georgia

Georgia divorces can involve different types of alimony depending on the situation. These include:

Temporary alimony: Spousal support awarded to a lower-earning or nonearning spouse while the divorce is pending. A hearing may be required in these cases.

Rehabilitative alimony: Maintenance awarded to the lower-earning or nonearning spouse for a set period of time to help her or him transition to a self-supporting status after the divorce. This may be used for education and job training.

Permanent alimony: This type of alimony is a permanent, lifetime financial award to the lower-earning or nonearning spouse.

Alimony considerations for high net worth divorce: If an affluent married couple enjoyed a luxury lifestyle, a judge may order a higher level of spousal support to ensure that both parties maintain their positions post-divorce.

Protecting Your Financial Position

When a divorcing couple cannot agree on spousal maintenance, a judge will need to make the ruling. Understanding that the court will consider several factors when awarding alimony, we work diligently to create solid legal arguments for each point. We are well-known for our detailed discovery tactics and analysis of relevant evidence.

Our lawyers will prepare to support your alimony goals by addressing:

  • Length of marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Income of each party
  • The ability of each spouse to earn a future income
  • Standard of living within the marriage
  • Adultery

For questions about your case and its effect on your finances, contact us online or call 678-987-8447. We serve the Atlanta metro area.

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