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Support During Divorce Later In Life

The attorneys at Ordway Law Group, LLC, have extensive experience with complex divorce issues, including gray divorce. Gray divorce refers to divorce later in life.

Older couples encounter unique considerations that may not apply to other divorce cases. With our success and reputation in Georgia as a premier family law firm, we will pursue resolution options that best serve your interests.

Unique Considerations Of Gray Divorce

Our lawyers are skilled at finding the best resolution options for each individual’s case. We will address any concern you face, including some of the most pressing matters in your divorce:

Division Of Retirement Accounts

Retirement accounts are often subject to property division, which may cause concern if you are nearing retirement. We will focus on protecting your financial interests to ensure security throughout your life.

Spousal Support Payments

You may be subject to providing alimony payments or may need spousal support post-divorce. These matters are particularly urgent for couples undergoing gray divorce, as they may be retired or reaching retirement age. We both promote and defend against alimony petitions to serve our clients’ financial needs.

Choose A Firm That Understands Your Needs

Our firm is sensitive to the needs of every client going through gray divorce. With our extensive family law knowledge and more than 45 years of combined experience, we can help you understand what a divorce will mean for your future and what solution will best serve your needs. Your case may be best resolved through mediation, but we are prepared to represent you in court if it is a more beneficial option.

To speak with us about your case, call 678-987-8447 or contact us online. We serve couples throughout the Atlanta metro area.

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