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When Do Temporary Orders Apply?

The process of divorce can take months, but unfortunately, the financial needs of the lower-earning spouse may not be able to wait that long. When one party requires access to funds for temporary child support, temporary alimony or legal fees, Ordway Law Group, LLC, is always prepared to support or defend against the action.

Due to our attention to detail, we understand what facts are of particular importance when it comes to temporary support matters.

Accessing Temporary Support

Our attorneys can represent both petitioner and respondent in actions for temporary support. Calling upon a combined 45-plus years of legal experience, we take swift and effective legal action to obtain results.

Due to our superior negotiation skills, we are able to resolve most temporary support issues outside of a hearing. However, if litigation is necessary to protect the rights and interests of our clients, we use our deep legal knowledge and well-honed trial skills to resolve matters in court.

We address three key issues in temporary support:

Temporary Child Support

Using similar guidelines to those imposed in final child support orders, the court can award a current custodial parent payments to support his or her children. This payment schedule can last until the divorce is finalized and permanent child support is determined.

Temporary Spousal Support

Otherwise known as temporary alimony, this financial support addresses the lower-earning spouse’s need to cover his or her living expenses while the divorce is in process. While temporary alimony does not guarantee a permanent order, if granted, the final award may surpass the temporary amount.

Temporary Support For Attorney’s Fees

When there is a significant income gap between divorcing spouses, one party is often left without the resources to retain and pay for a family law attorney. Our lawyers can help clients gain access to these funds and can defend against a request for outrageous and unnecessary compensation.

Attorneys Who Understand Your Financial Needs

Contact us at 678-987-8447 or fill out our contact form to discuss your specific case with one of our lawyers. We provide representation in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta and throughout the metropolitan area.

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