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Our Role In Mediation

While litigation is occasionally necessary to secure your interests in a divorce, mediation is an alternative divorce option that may be better suited to your case.

Our lawyers can act as mediators to facilitate discussion and negotiation between you and your spouse regarding important divorce issues. We will guide you in reaching an agreement on property division, alimony, child custody arrangements and any other relevant matters.

Benefits Of Mediation

While we charge reasonable rates for the services we offer, we know how costly attorney fees can be. Mediation is often a much more cost-efficient option for resolving a divorce case. We can discuss your legal options to determine if your case can likely be resolved through mediation.

Rather than a judge finalizing every decision, we help you negotiate your own terms to best serve your situation and your needs for post-divorce life. Mediation allows for greater influence over your divorce terms, as you do not need to sign a final arrangement if you are still unhappy with the terms.

Guidance Through The Entire Process

With our combined experience of 45-plus years, we have a deep understanding of family law and the Georgia divorce process. We are able to analyze your case and offer legal advice on the course of action best suited to your needs. If your case can be resolved through mediation, we will facilitate and explain the process so you have full disclosure on your case before proceeding.

To speak with us about your case, contact us online or call 678-987-8447. We serve the Atlanta metro area.

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