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Divorce and baseball ownership raises financial concerns

The economic status of a baseball team during the owner's divorce has been a sore point of contention in some cases in recent years. Luckily, the issue has not come up in Georgia, but the latest incident is the current divorce case of the Astros owner Jim Crane and his wife, Franci Neely. Although news reports have raised concerns that an announced settlement will impact the team, Crane and team spokespersons have adamantly denied any connection between the two.

Emotions and divorce decisions do not go hand in hand

A Georgia resident initiating or contemplating a divorce may want to keep in mind that it is a time to keep one's emotions in check. There are too many important decisions during a divorce, and they require a cool head. One author of self-help books for women going through a high net worth divorce recommends that his readers not get carried away in a sea of emotions just because it's now the season of valentines and romance.

These four behaviors indicate high risk for divorce

All married couples go through a range of ups and downs when it comes to their relationships. Life throws a number of obstacles at every family, and it is not uncommon for spouses to go through periods of difficulty. There are certain behaviors, however, that researchers believe are highly indicative of an increased risk of divorce. For those in Georgia who recognize these as traits present within their own marriages, it may be time to assess the health of the relationships.

Quick divorce after marriage may have several causes

One of the more puzzling phenomena is the surprisingly short-lived marriage, i.e., the one that doesn't even make it out of the first year. It's often difficult to understand such an abrupt change by two people who were so recently head-over-heels in love. It is generally recognized that early romanticism must commonly give way to the realities of day-to-day living and surviving. That dynamic, however, does not adequately explain why some marriages, nationally and in Georgia, proceed straight to divorce court within months of the wedding vows.

Divorce support groups may provide key help for the transition

January is National Divorce Month in Georgia and other states. The designation is apropos because January is usually the month with the highest numbers of divorces each year. Because divorce is sometimes more inconvenient and particularly stressful over the holiday months at the end of the year, people wait until the new year to strike out on their own.

Wife appeals Hamm divorce; $1 billion award is insufficient

A high net worth divorce in Georgia or anywhere else can set the stage for legal arguments, unresolved controversy, and several appeals. Although Harold Hamm's wife, Sue Ann Arnall,  originally said she would not accept a judge's award of $975 million from the oil tycoon, she went ahead and cashed Hamm's check for that amount. The payment represented the family law judge's order of property division in the couple's divorce case.

New Year resolutions may include filing for divorce

The new year sparks people in Georgia and countrywide to make resolutions. The thought of making the same mistakes in the new year, or of remaining in the throes of bad habits and destructive dynamics, motivates people. It marks a chance to take decisive action toward substantial change. The principle applies fairly significantly to the filing of new divorce actions.  

Some reasons why divorce may be the right answer

A loving marital bond can be challenged by obstacles, but when the bond is strong enough the couple may find ways to work things out and stay together. In many instances, however, the tie that binds has broken. In such cases, a divorce may in fact be the correct decision, according to one prominent clinical psychologist and relationship expert. For those in Georgia and elsewhere who are having an internal struggle on the subject, her article in The Huffington Post may give some aid to action.

Keep mood positive even if divorce clouds the holiday season

Being in a divorce, or facing an impending one, are challenging situations during the holiday season. Memories can fill the air, and changes in lifestyle can be even more stressful during this extra-sensitive time of the year. Georgia residents and others in a divorce mode can take some comfort from the suggestions below.

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