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Emotions and divorce decisions do not go hand in hand

A Georgia resident initiating or contemplating a divorce may want to keep in mind that it is a time to keep one's emotions in check. There are too many important decisions during a divorce, and they require a cool head. One author of self-help books for women going through a high net worth divorce recommends that his readers not get carried away in a sea of emotions just because it's now the season of valentines and romance.

Telling a spouse that one wants a divorce can be difficult

Even if a person in Georgia is eager to call it quits with a spouse, breaking the news to the spouse can naturally be difficult. This is because the breaking-up of a marriage can incite feelings of shock or even frustration from the other party. Taking the right steps when telling a spouse that one wishes to split up may help to make a divorce proceeding involving asset distribution much more amicable.

Wealthy divorce litigants may benefit by avoiding top mistakes

A recent article in Forbes addresses the mistakes that wealthy individuals make when going through a divorce. Some of these apply equally as well to those in the middle and upper middle economic classes. Georgia has its fair share of persons in each of these classifications who are in a divorce or getting ready to commence one.

Former spouse seeks modification of divorce settlement

Although Atlanta readers might know that earnings and assets acquired during a marriage are typically considered part of the marital estate, valuation issues can arise in a divorce for business owners, especially when only one spouse handled the financial aspects of the business. Sometimes, a former spouse may even repetition a divorce court to reopen matters, as in today's story.

Georgia couples should consider prenuptial agreements

Although they are becoming more common, many Georgia readers might still attach a stigma to prenuptial or postnuptial contracts. For example, some may avoid such contracts, fearing it would send the wrong message to a future or current spouse. Others may believe the contracts to be unnecessary, as divorce law provides ample guidelines for the division of property and other matters, such as child custody and support.

Real estate valuation tips for divorcing Georgia couples

A recent article reminds Georgia couples that the division of martial property may bring unwelcome surprises around tax filing time. Needless to say, a divorced spouse will likely have different exemptions and deductions, due to the property division ordered by the divorce decree.

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