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Preparing for your custody court date in Georgia

Appearing in court for a custody hearing in Georgia requires parents to come with several important documents prepared. If you and your co-parent are approaching a custody hearing, be sure that you have the proper documentation and agreements worked out ahead of time. This can help you ensure that your time is not wasted in the courtroom and to protect your rights as a parent.

Helping your child adjust to living in two homes

If, like many divorced or divorcing Georgia parents, you're sharing custody of your children, you know that it can be difficult for kids to get used to moving between homes to see their parents. It's essential that they have a room of their own (or maybe that they share with their sibling) at each home — not just where they live with one parent.

Important considerations in modification cases

After a divorce (or a breakup between unmarried parents) most may not think about the prospect of further litigation. But the reality is that people may still have disagreements after a decree is entered that may require court intervention. For instance, there may be missed (or denied) parenting time, clashes over payment of unreimbursed medical expenses, and challenges over passports.

Can Georgia kids decide where they will live after divorce?

Once they hit about the age of two, children develop their own strong personalities. With those personalities begin to emerge preferences and opinions about what they like, do not like and want to experience. Though parents must still act in ways that protect their children from harm, they can foster their kids' independence by recognizing and acknowledging their partialities.

Legal and physical custody are important parental rights

A divorce has a big impact on all members of an Atlanta family. While the adults in the group may be focused on meeting the procedural requirements of ending their marriage, the children in the family may have concerns over how their lives will be impacted by their parents' separation. At the cross-section of divorce and kids is the important topic of child custody, and this post will briefly review the two main forms of custody that parents may fight for when their marriages end.

Factors to consider when creating a parenting plan

Child custody negotiations can be contentious when Georgia parents cannot agree regarding what arrangements will serve their children's best interests. When parents can't find common ground and execute their own parenting plans, the courts may step in and mandate how two parents will share in the legal and physical custodial responsibilities of their kids. However, many sets of parents can work together to create parenting plans that acknowledge their children's needs and include both parents in the upbringing of their offspring.

Equal time-sharing custody order can be stressful for children

Joint custody with equal time sharing between two parents is an initial presumption for a child custody order in many states and in the minds of many family law judges. In reality, these kinds of custody plans may end up taking a toll on the children involved. The system is generally handled better in Georgia and some other states where the courts are not saddled with an initial presumption that joint custody and equal sharing is the first preference.

Child custody law now favors a shared custody effort

There are good reasons why shared custody is the favored arrangement of family law courts nationwide, including in Georgia. Experts assert that children do better with both parents in the picture. That cannot always be the case with the traditional practice of granting the sole right of child custody to one parent, and having no provision for shared parenting responsibilities.

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