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Shepherd divorce raises complex issue of surrogate arrangement

In Georgia and elsewhere, the existence of surrogate parenting arrangements is causing numerous unprecedented legal conflicts that demand resolution. For example, one celebrity divorce case is raising a complex issue regarding the legal implications of entering into a surrogate parenting obligation. Sherri Shepherd, the former co-hostess of The View, is embroiled in a divorce proceeding with her estranged husband, Lamar Sally.

Prenuptial contract challenged in billionaire's divorce

In a high net worth divorce in Georgia or elsewhere, the wealthier spouse often relies on a prenuptial agreement to preserve his or her rights in separately owned property. The agreement is an enforceable contract that the couple signs prior to the wedding. It gives the wealthier spouse the absolute ownership of most or all of the property he or she owned prior to the marriage, including post-marriage increases. It restricts greatly the claims that the less wealthy spouse may make if there is a later divorce.

Should prenuptial agreements include social media contingencies?

With the increase in the use of social media, more couples include clauses in prenuptial agreements pertaining to social media use. What is posted on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, could be a source of concern and marital tension. Prenuptial agreements can include practically any detail that is important to the couple, such as what is allowed to be posted publicly by the two spouses.

International child custody case may be complex and unending

Television sitcom actress Kelly Rutherford has been embroiled in an international custody dispute for the past several years. It started in 2008 when Rutherford, while pregnant with the couple’s daughter and second child, filed for divorce. Despite a child custody agreement hammered out between the parties in April 2010, she obtained a restraining order against the father just a month later. Whether in Georgia or another jurisdiction, a custody dispute spanning the borders of foreign countries can be a most difficult and frustrating challenge for both parents.

Telling a spouse that one wants a divorce can be difficult

Even if a person in Georgia is eager to call it quits with a spouse, breaking the news to the spouse can naturally be difficult. This is because the breaking-up of a marriage can incite feelings of shock or even frustration from the other party. Taking the right steps when telling a spouse that one wishes to split up may help to make a divorce proceeding involving asset distribution much more amicable.

Child custody requires adult caring and sharing of duties

For residents of Georgia who may be entering the divorce and custody process for the first time it may help to have some preliminary ideas to think about. Divorce is never pleasant, and perhaps the best we can do is to view it as a survival experience, or a path to becoming stronger in facing life’s obstacles. With respect to child custody, this may be the toughest part, but there are ways to focus on the positive and make the most out of a new family perspective.

Billionaire hedge fund CEO files high net worth divorce

Another billionaire divorce has appeared in the public eye. It is the filing by hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, who is estimated to be worth $5.5 billion. The filing is not in Georgia but the principles are fairly universal throughout the country. The key fact of this high net worth divorce is that it alleges the signing of a prenuptial agreement specifying the division of property terms.

Child custody case should be free of social media influences

The technological revolution has spawned the advent of social media, which continues to spread into corners of our lives once held to be private and personal. Some experienced observers thus recommend that a person in a divorce or custody matter check one’s social media content to make sure that nothing questionable appears there. In Georgia or elsewhere, this may be helpful with respect to a child custody battle, where many casual expressions can be misconstrued.

Even after divorce, Georgia individuals can collect benefits

With the recent rise of gray divorce, which is apparently steadily growing in couples older than 50, retirement plans may be on some people’s minds. Georgia individuals may have based their later-in-life plans on funds or benefits that their spouse earned during the course of the marriage. Should that marriage ultimately end in divorce, they may still be eligible to receive some of those benefits.

Look for some common pitfalls in divorce negotiations

A recent article in Time by a distinguished divorce financial planner itemizes some common mistakes that people make during divorce negotiations. First, it is stressed that property division, whether it is undertaken in Georgia or another jurisdiction, is a once and done activity. Litigants in a divorce do not get a chance to go back and do it again or change what they already decided.

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