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Fee Structure

Asking about fees is a fair question to pose to any law firm. We believe a client and law firm should agree upfront on the terms of the attorney’s representation and should have a common understanding of the likely fees that will be incurred for the work to be performed. We hope this page will provide some guidance on whether this firm will be a good business fit for prospective clients.

Here’s how our firm works:

Our Philosophy On Value

We aspire to be the best family lawyers available in Georgia and to be responsive to our clients’ needs. We provide outstanding client service. In exchange, we enjoy representing clients who appreciate the quality and quick turnaround we offer.

Fee Agreement

Before beginning legal representation (such as on-the-clock consultation in person or by phone), we require every new client to sign a fee agreement with our firm. This fee agreement describes in full the business terms of the relationship between our firm and its clients. We will not have an attorney-client relationship with you until we agree to represent you. Here are some highlights of our fee agreement:

Unless we agree otherwise, the fees we estimate are only estimates. It’s hard to predict exactly how much time (and, thus, money) it will take to perform many legal tasks because no two legal matters are exactly alike and different clients require different levels of consultation time. Nonetheless, we will try to not exceed estimated fees significantly unless we have your advance permission to do so.

Are We Expensive?

In relation to other capable family law attorneys, no. Yet, in general, legal fees are expensive. Only rarely will our legal fees for a matter be under $1,500. Our law firm is a small business, so we empathize with the budgetary pressures faced by individuals and other small businesses. We believe our rates are lower than the rates charged by professionals with similar credentials working at large law firms. We also believe our extensive experience enables us to work fairly efficiently, and far more efficiently and effectively than lawyers who only dabble in family law matters as part of a broader legal practice. Yet, we understand that our likely fees will be significant expenditures for many prospective clients. That’s why we strive to reach an understanding upfront about what likely fees will be.

Contact Our Law Firm With All Of Your Questions And Concerns

To learn more about our fee structure arrangements, please contact Ordway Law Group, LLC, in Atlanta by calling 678-987-8447 or filling out our online contact form.

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