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Can Georgia kids decide where they will live after divorce?

Once they hit about the age of two, children develop their own strong personalities. With those personalities begin to emerge preferences and opinions about what they like, do not like and want to experience. Though parents must still act in ways that protect their children from harm, they can foster their kids' independence by recognizing and acknowledging their partialities.

However, when it comes to deciding matters of child custody and visitation, the state of Georgia places limitations on how kids may make decisions about where they will live. While state law allows children 14 years of age and older to decide with which parent they will live, that court can overrule a decision if it does not serve the child's best interests.

Use the electronic paper trail to find hidden divorce assets

It is often the case that when two Georgia residents decide to marry that they find in each other redeeming qualities that they want to nurture. They may trust each other's judgment and may respect each other's opinions; after their wedding and during the course of their marriage they may continue to value each other's positive qualities and have faith that each is acting for the benefit of the other.

Sadly, though, this is not always the truth. Particularly when it comes to financial matters, partners in marriages may hide, conceal and otherwise obscure assets, items of wealth and other accounts from each other out of the hope that they may maintain them for themselves in the event the marriages end in divorce.

Valuing retirement accounts in divorce

Divorce is never easy. Even if the marriage has already dissolved for all practical purposes, the legal process and division of assets is a complex and often messy necessity. To establish a strong foundation for your future, you need to take your time in divorce and get the settlement right. Overlooked details today become dollars tomorrow.

One aspect that many divorcing individuals worry about is retirement. When you're splitting a single retirement account in two directions, that safety net you planned to live off feels a little less secure. Georgia is a great state to retire in-this study says that one million dollars in savings will last for almost 25 years, sixth best in the country. Georgia's rank may be comforting, but the study lives conservatively on that hypothetical one million dollars, without travel or entertainment in the budget.

What impact will a prenup have on one's divorce?

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that can only be made between two parties who intend to marry. In Georgia, a prenuptial agreement can help individuals work out their preferences and differences regarding their assets and finances before they take the long walk down the aisle to marriage. A prenup can be used to solidify financial plans during a couple's legal union, but it also may be used to establish property rights and other financial understandings, in the event that the couple ends their marriage in divorce.

If a couple does not have a prenup, then there will be no impact on a divorce since there is no agreement regarding these topics between them. If a couple has a prenup, then the document will be reviewed and its terms evaluated for validity and fairness. Prenuptial agreements can be set aside, if they are deficient or lacking any of the necessary components of their execution.

Legal and physical custody are important parental rights

A divorce has a big impact on all members of an Atlanta family. While the adults in the group may be focused on meeting the procedural requirements of ending their marriage, the children in the family may have concerns over how their lives will be impacted by their parents' separation. At the cross-section of divorce and kids is the important topic of child custody, and this post will briefly review the two main forms of custody that parents may fight for when their marriages end.

Physical custody is the form of child custody that most people are familiar with. It is the form of custody that gives a parent the right to have their child live with them in their home. A parent with physical custody is responsible for the day-to-day tasks of raising their child when the child is with them; a parent who does not gain physical custody during their divorce may secure visitation rights with their child.

What will happen to my inheritance when I divorce?

Receiving an inheritance from a family member can be an appreciated event for an Atlanta resident. However, if the recipient of the inheritance is married a lot of questions can arise with regard to who owns the property that was acquired and what will happen to it if the recipient and their spouse end their marriage. This post will briefly discuss this somewhat complex property division topic and readers who wish to learn more about it are encouraged to discuss their questions with their divorce and family law attorneys.

For the most part, an inheritance is only owned by the person to whom the inheritance is directed. That is to say, if a person is married and the inheritance they receive is given to them and their spouse in name, then both of the parties to the marriage are owners of the inherited property. However, if the inheritance is only given to a single recipient, despite the fact that they are married that acquired property may be considered the recipient's separate assets.

The art collectors divorce: dividing high value artwork

In a high-profile divorce, valuable assets often present quite a challenge in property division negotiations. One of the most valuable and difficult to determine disposition of is artwork. There are several reasons for the complexity of these negotiations.

First, the value of artwork has skyrocketed. Many collections have now progressed from claiming a worth in the millions, to boasting a billion-dollar price tag. However, these valuations are provided by art appraisers, who remain heatedly contested in courtrooms across the country by divorce attorneys. Two or more art appraisers rarely return an exact appraised value for any given piece. For this reason, attorneys claim that the only way to truly value art is to sell it.

Arguing your case for child custody

If we are being honest, we can probably agree that any child custody case which makes its way to a courtroom for litigation is likely going to be ugly. The claws come out, the skeletons fall out of all closets, and the stress levels are high.

Child custody disputes are expensive. An attorney and staff can spend months collecting evidence and performing discovery to prove that their client is the fit and proper person for a child to live with, and that the other parent is not. Due to this, it is in a party's best interest to hire an experienced child custody attorney from the start. Otherwise, there can be thousands spent on attorney's fees with no favorable result. Most parents do not have this kind of money at their disposal. An experienced attorney can prepare your case and collect the evidence needed in a timely manner, while building an air-tight argument for you. Though their rates may be more expensive by the hour, they can save a litigation party hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by the end of a case.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announce divorce

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, well-known celebrity actors, shockingly announced recently that they are ending their two-and-a-half-year marriage. The superstar couple have spent the last seven years together. Aniston's publicist stated that they decided to go their separate ways at the end of last year, but fully intend on continuing their friendship.

Aniston and Theroux lived a bi-coastal lifestyle, with her residing in California and him residing and working in New York much of the time. In the beginning, Aniston stated that she found it appealing to pick-up and move somewhere else every three months. Tabloids have speculated over the past few months that while Aniston ultimately chose to spend most of her time in Bel-Air, Theroux lived what would appear to be a single lifestyle in New York City. These speculations were the reason the couple decided to make a public announcement in an attempt to clear the air.

What to do if you suspect a spouse hides assets

When two people divorce, they both need to bring their finances to the table. Some spouses will attempt to hide assets, and they will do this in a variety of ways. One method presently growing in popularity is transferring hard cash into cryptocurrencies

If you suspect your spouse may possess hidden assets, then you need to take action to try to locate them before the divorce is final. Your best bet will be to hire an attorney and a team of forensic accountants to see if your spouse has tucked any finances or valuables away. 

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