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Parenting plans for teens have unique challenges

While many people focus on child custody with younger children, there are some parents who don't divorce until their kids are teenagers. Handling custody arrangements for this type of situation is going to be much different than taking care of ones that involve younger children. One of the most challenging aspects of this type of parenting plan scheduling is that teens usually have many activities that include social, academic and extracurricular events.

When you are trying to come up with a schedule for teens to spend time with each parent, you may find that flexibility is the most important thing you can include. Ideally, your teen will be able to let you know well in advance of upcoming events so that you are able to include these in the schedule. Both parents being able to work around the kids' schedule can make life a lot easier.

Infidelity, money and divorce

The high cost of marital infidelity may be getting even higher. At the same time, affairs are occurring more and more often.

Currently, about one out of five people admit to stepping out on their spouses -- and many people blame social media for the rising trouble. More than 80 percent of divorce attorneys say that social network sites are an increasing factor in the breakdown of marital relationships.

Splitting a business: Keeping your business after divorce

During your divorce, you may need to divide your business. If you and your spouse are both taking an active role in the business, it might not be as simple as buying one party out, either.

For people who are both invested in the business but no longer invested in their relationship, dividing a business is tough. Fortunately, there are some options.

Don't rule out spousal support just because you are a man

Things have changed a lot since our grandparents and great-grandparents were young married couples. More women choose to continue on the career path while more men are taking on home-related duties. What works for some Atlanta families may not work for others, making our country more diverse than ever in terms of domestic relationships.

One thing that has been slow to change in these more modern times is men asking for spousal support. While some divorced men in Georgia do receive alimony, many others are hesitant to pursue this right. We would like to see this change because men continue to play a critical role in family dynamics regardless of their work outside the home.

Financial considerations are paramount in a gray divorce

Perhaps you and your spouse are over the age of 50. You are empty nesters, you have grown apart over the years and have decided to divorce.

You have not only accumulated significant assets in terms of real property, but both of you also have pensions, IRAs and company retirement accounts. How will you divide those?

You should know more about spousal support in Georgia

In a divorce, spousal support might be one factor you have to consider. If it is, it's a good idea to look into your spousal support options.

If you are the spouse who earns more, you may be the person paying out spousal support. You'll have several options including paying support in a lump sum, paying over time or giving up assets valued the same as the support you are supposed to pay.

Is it possible to 'divorce proof' a business?

You own your own business and you've worked hard to build it from the bottom up. The last thing you want is for the end of your marriage to damage or destroy the enterprise you've created. However, is it even possible to stop that from happening? It is -- but only if you plan ahead.

Here's the reality: It doesn't matter if your name is the only one on the business. If your business began or grew during your marriage, the end of your marriage could spell serious trouble for the business. You could lose part or all of it in the division of assets with your spouse. If you don't want to lose all or part of your business to your spouse, you have some choices:

What is first right of refusal in a custody agreement?

Even though you have decided to end your marriage, you remain committed to raising happy, healthy and well-adjusted kids. To do so, you probably want to draft a comprehensive custody agreement that outlines how you and your ex-spouse will parent your children. While custody agreements have various provisions, successful ones often include a first right of refusal clause. 

Simply put, a first right of refusal clause requires the parent with custody to offer the other parent the opportunity to see the children in the first parent’s absence. For example, if your ex-spouse has a weekend visitation schedule and must go out of town, he or she must ask you to care for the kids first before hiring a babysitter or asking a friend or family member to watch the children. 

Custody challenges for medically fragile children

Determining child custody arrangements can be difficult for all children, but when parents have a medically fragile child things get much more complicated. With children who have medical challenges, they often can't be subjected to the same custody terms as their other siblings. This means that the parents can't rely on the normal ways of handling child custody.

In all custody cases, the best interests of the children have to be at the center of the decisions. There isn't one meaning to this, so the entire situation has to be reviewed to determine what to do. Normal factors like stability in the home and the standard of care the child has will matter in cases involving medically fragile children, but there are others that also come into the picture.

Three ways to protect your business in a Georgia divorce

One of the most frightening things business owners hear from their spouses is, "I want a divorce." Even business owners who also desire a divorce often avoid such an action because they fear losing the business they worked so hard to build. A business divorce may indeed put your company at risk. However, there are several actions you can take to help you avoid the loss of your business should divorce enter the picture.

A prenuptial agreement: This tool helps you keep your business intact if divorce occurs. A well-drafted prenup can also protect your other property during your divorce.

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