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How to introduce the divorce to your kids

Responsible parents who are divorcing realize that it is not all about them and their feelings. When there are children from the union, it's important to consider how the situation will affect them and their development.

Divorce usually has a destabilizing effect on families. Even civil divorces without acrimony alter the family dynamics. That alone can be enough for the kids to be scared and feeling insecure. Parents facing these circumstances could find the following tips useful when navigating the shoals of divorce with their children.

Should you try counseling to save your marriage?

How do couples know when it is time to pull the plug on a bad marriage? Should they attempt counseling first before throwing in the towel?

Counseling is not a panacea to heal all marital ills. But one licensed family counselor and university professor claims that skilled counselors can succeed at keeping couples together as much as 80% of the time.

The various ways that divorce can cost you

When you walked down the aisle, you never dreamed that one day you would be facing off in a divorce. But life can be like that sometimes. According to the Census Bureau, almost one out of every two marriages is doomed to end in divorce.

Those with higher incomes and more assets and resources also have more to lose in a split than their less well-heeled counterparts. Below are some ways that your divorce can wind up costing you a bundle.

What property remains protected during a Georgia divorce?

How the courts will handle your property in a divorce can vary drastically depending on your unique family circumstances. Typically, the greater the overall value of your marital assets, the more you and your ex have to fight over in divorce court.

Georgia is among the majority of states that favor an equitable distribution standard. Simply put, George's family law instructs the courts to find a fair and equitable way to split up the assets and debts a family accumulates during a marriage.

Considerations for child custody in Georgia

Parents who are going through a child custody case in Georgia should understand some of the intricacies of how these cases are handled. These cases are very personal matters that require all parties involved to think about what's best for the children.

There are a few things that have to be decided when you're trying to develop the child custody plan. Some individuals can work together to create the plan through mediation, but others will have to turn to the court to set the order because of conflicts that can't be resolved.

How can I devise a workable solution regarding child custody?

Especially in the early stages of a divorce, sharing joint custody of the kids with your ex can seem excruciating. Bust as a parent, your responsibility to your children dictates that you must always keep their interests foremost in your mind.

The below tips can help you ease into a comfortable joint custody arrangement with your ex that will allow your children to flourish.

Is your marriage a casualty of 'divorce day?'

So, how was your Monday this week? If you are married and you or your spouse didn't file for divorce, you may have dodged a bullet.

That's because the first Monday of the new year after the holiday itself has earned itself the moniker "divorce day.'' Why is that, you might ask.

A trust protects your kids' inheritance from your ex if you die

Other than the custody of your children, the division of your possessions is probably the most contentious part of a divorce. People often go to great lengths to keep their ex from unfairly walking away from the marriage with more of the marital assets than they deserve. Those same people can then make the mistake of not planning to protect those assets from their ex if they die.

You might think that leaving everything to your children after the divorce is the simplest solution, but the way that you do so could leave those assets vulnerable to use by your ex. If you die while your children are still minors, your ex will very likely assume control over any direct inheritance they receive until they turn 18.

Georgia man reunited with son after 559 days apart

One Georgia man was forced to travel to Michigan to be reunited with his 4-year-old son. The boy's mother had defied a Georgia court and refused to appear for hearings to determine the custody of the boy.

Instead, she took the child and fled to Michigan. Her flight led to the man's separation from his son for a year and a half. He stated, "This is the fight that men in America have to go through just to be with their kids."

Why spousal support may be worth fighting for

Alimony used to be commonly awarded to the wife in a Georgia divorce. But in recent years, that trend has changed. Now, it's called spousal support instead of alimony, and either spouse may be the recipient of these payments. But it is far likelier that neither will be awarded spousal support in the divorce.

Yet, this sometimes is worth seeking in your divorce. Even when spousal support is of limited duration, it provides a post-divorce cushion that can be quite helpful when getting back onto your feet and re-entering the workforce.

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