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Client Testimonials

“Great Representation”

From the moment I set foot in Bill’s office, I was greeted and was made to feel comfortable. Divorce is an awful experience to go through, but having someone on your side who you know has your best interest in mind is such a great feeling. The Ordway Army was behind me the whole time and even stood on the battlefield for me. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for great representation. I had never had any experience with a lawyer before and now know who I can go to if needed. Thanks for everything, Bill and team.

“Best Divorce Lawyer in Atlanta”

Best divorce lawyer in Atlanta. The divorce attorney was very knowledgeable and caring. They kept me informed throughout the process and were always happy to answer my questions. If you are looking for an Atlanta divorce attorney, I highly recommend this divorce firm.

“My best outcome!”

Mr. Ordway and his team were so gracious and helpful with my situation. He was able to get much more than I was expecting. I would highly recommend Ordway Law Group, LLC, to anyone going through a divorce with an uncooperative spouse.

Thank you, thank you!!

“Smart and Excellent Family Lawyer”

Family law is Bill’s passion. He worked on my case and I won. On the day of the final trial, Bill was very calm and knew very well my case from start to finish. He has one of the best paralegals in the state of Georgia. Her name is Lorinda Green. She worked on my case diligently and really made a big difference, starting from putting and organizing my legal documents together to the day of the final trial. I call them the Dream Team. With the extra efforts they put into my case, I was confident victory was at hand. Bill’s performance during the trial was superb. His line of questioning was well thought. I can compare Bill to a conductor of a choir. He knows how and when to play the tenor, bass, soprano and alto together. They were music to my ears. William (Bill), cheers to you and thank you very much for a job well done.

“EXCELLENT and Top Notch”

Mr. Ordway provided great legal advice, compassion and understanding toward my case. I was nervous because it was my first trial, but when Bill walked into the courtroom, the nervousness went away. He exercised professionalism, great knowledge and was very organized. He presented my case so well that we got a favorable outcome that exceeded what we were asking for. I highly recommend Mr. Ordway and his great staff.


“… compassion and skill.”

I am very grateful for Bill and his staff. They handled my very contentious divorce case with compassion and skill. I never had to worry that my interests were not being best represented or that things were being done just for the sake of billing. I am very pleased with my settlement and I also know that if I had gone to court, Bill would have handled it perfectly. He understood my particular situation and worked with me to find a solution above and beyond what I expected. I came to know and appreciate his paralegals and support staff as well. They treated me like family and kept me from panicking whenever anxiety mounted. I am glad I chose Bill Ordway and I would recommend him to anyone.


“… first-rate family law attorney.”

“Bill Ordway is a first-rate family law attorney. His legal acumen is unparalleled, and he works tirelessly for the benefit of his clients. Bill handles his cases with passion, with integrity and with an eye toward delivering the best possible results for his clients. He is particularly compassionate and sensitive to the difficult issues family law cases present. It’s my sincere privilege to recommend Bill to those who find themselves in need of a talented, experienced family law attorney.”


“EXCELLENT Attorney”

“When you enter the offices of the Ordway Law Group, LLC, until your divorce is over, the utmost attention is given not only to your legal issues, but also to your emotional well-being in a warm and supportive environment. My divorce went all the way to a four-day trial, yet the process was pleasant and handled with warm and kind assurances. My trial ended with a very positive result and I received everything that I needed and wanted. I really was sad when it was over. … that is some feat.”


“Your New Family Ordway Law Group”

“Mr. Ordway was very kind, caring and thoughtful. Divorce isn’t easy for anyone and I really needed someone to help me know what was right and fair. I didn’t expect to develop a friendship with my divorce lawyer, but that is what happened. I have had several friends in similar situations and they have had similar (positive) experiences with Mr. Ordway. I wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone, but I would hope that anyone I cared for would have the same type of guidance and support I received with Mr. Ordway!!!”


“I highly recommend Mr. Ordway!”

“I went to court with him this past Friday. I was so impressed with his demeanor. He is such an EXCELLENT lawyer.”


“Eternal Thanks”

“You both have no idea how thankful I am to have had you two (and your entire staff) on my team and helping me along. While naturally I was nervous and worried about the outcome, which I’m sure is the case for anyone facing custody issues, especially when forced to handle them through the courts where final decisions are out of our hands, the two of you really made me feel confident in our case, consoled when needed and there whenever I picked up the phone. While the breadth of my appreciation can’t be adequately expressed in words, thank you eternally and with every ounce of my being. If [my child] could know it all and understand it, he’d have some big thanks to you both as well.”


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