Understanding How Divorce Impacts Retirement

At the Atlanta offices of Ordway Law Group, LLC, we help divorcing clients resolve the complexities that often accompany the division of retirement and investment accounts. Our firm is known throughout the region for our intelligent representation and proven results even in the most complicated of matters.

We provide personalized representation to everyone we represent. This includes helping you understand the impact divorce will have regarding the assets you own designed to help you during your retirement years.

Protecting Your Financial Interests During Divorce

Our attorneys help clients protect their interests in a range of retirement and investment accounts, including:

  • 401(k)s
  • 403(b)s
  • IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • Stocks

Dividing retirement accounts and investments during a divorce involves a range of complex laws that many family law attorneys are not equipped to address. When clients work with our law firm however, they receive knowledgeable legal advice from lawyers who understand how divorce laws and tax laws intersect in these matters.

With the assistance of external experts, such as a noted QDRO attorney and forensic accountants, our lawyers help ensure our clients face minimal tax consequences when dividing retirement and investment accounts. Many less experienced attorneys will not enlist the services of these specialists or will call them in too far down the road. This can be a dangerous misstep and may create substantial tax penalties or risk your entitlement to these assets.

As your legal representatives, we will also help you assess the benefits of taking current cash value of a stock versus taking the stock itself. In a similar light, we can help you determine if retirement accounts can/will be separated into two individual accounts or if there will be an immediate payout per the terms of the QDRO.

Regardless of the type or value of your financial accounts, our Georgia lawyers will help you understand your rights and options, and stand prepared to make sophisticated recommendations based on your best interests.

Skilled Division Of Retirement Accounts

With a focus on professionalism, integrity and results, our law firm is ready to help you resolve your complex divorce issues. Contact us at 800-509-2718 to discuss your specific case with one of our Atlanta divorce and retirement attorneys.