Working With Forensic Accountants And Private Investigators During An Atlanta Divorce

Financial issues in divorce, especially within high net worth families, can become complex very quickly. In some cases, suspicions or allegations of hidden assets or underreported income arise and need to be addressed promptly.

At Ordway Law Group, LLC, we have significant experience representing clients who face these difficult issues. Our law firm has a network of reputable and skilled forensic accountants whom we call upon to help uncover these deceitful and illegal actions. At all times, we protect the interests of everyone we represent.

Uncovering Hidden Assets And Underreported Income In Divorce

Our forensic accountants leave no stone unturned when seeking to uncover hidden assets. We can analyze:

  • Tax returns
  • Credit reports
  • ATM records
  • Bank and investment account statements
  • Custodial accounts opened in your child's name
  • Pay stubs for over withholding on taxes
  • Payment and commission records for deferred salaries
  • Business valuations
  • Company accounts and records for business owners

Why Proving Adultery Can Be Important To A Georgia Divorce Case

One of the main reasons our firm will hire a private investigator in a divorce case is to prove suspicions of adultery in the marriage. While having a cheating spouse designation may not hold the same stigma as it once did, the courts may still deny alimony to a spouse who has been unfaithful in a marriage. In some cases, proving adultery can also influence the equitable distribution of property during the divorce.

While the use of forensic accountants and private investigators can be an invaluable tool when assembling evidence in a divorce case, our lawyers are also conscious of the financial concerns of each client. We work closely with each individual to establish realistic budgets and will always consult with them before taking action.

Establishing Facts During The Divorce Process

With a focus on professionalism, integrity and results, our law firm is ready to help you resolve your complex divorce issues. Contact us at 800-509-2718 to discuss your specific case with one of our Atlanta family law attorneys.