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Unemployment status may affect Georgia divorce rates

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2013 | Divorce |

Georgia readers may wonder whether the current economic recession — and accompanying unemployment — is impacting the state’s divorce rates. According to new research, the answer depends on gender.

According to researchers, a wife’s employment status had no effect on a husband’s satisfaction with the marriage. Yet the husband’s job status seemed to be a big issue — for both partners. The study found that unemployed men were both more likely to leave a marriage, as well as more likely to be left by their wives.

Admittedly, finances are a sticking point for many couples. When such disputes happen too frequently, it may signal the need to consider marital counseling, separation, or perhaps even divorce.

However, what Georgia readers may not realize is that setting up an initial divorce consultation does not necessarily signal the end of a union. To the contrary, it may just save a marriage.

For many couples, simply hearing an attorney explain the legal processes of divorce at an initial consultation may invite frank discussions that can lead to the path of harmony. For example, the meeting may give them pause, perhaps inviting discussion whether such a life-changing event is really desired. Perhaps that meeting will renew a couple’s motivation to mend their marriage.

After all, by understanding the legal mechanisms by which a divorce can be initiated, a couple may be reminded that staying together should always represent a choice, one which is renewed each day. An experienced family law attorney can explain a couple’s legal options in greater detail.

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