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The importance of using spousal support wisely

When it comes to alimony, our attorneys typically see recipients in Georgia approach these funds in one or two main ways. The first way involves holding on to that money as if it were a lifeline. They are terrified of using spousal support in case they need it for something major down the line. The second way involves spending the funds for outrageous purchases as if recipients just received a significant inheritance from a relative.

It may be possible to simplify your Florida business divorce

In most cases, business and divorce do not make good bedfellows. The founder of the business is usually afraid of losing everything he or she has worked so hard to build. By contrast, the other spouse may worry about not getting a fair share of the business profits. All of this fear and concern has the unfortunate effect of overcomplicating divorces that involve business owners.

Follow these tips to make your high-asset divorce easier

Going through a divorce when you have a considerable amount of assets can be a complicated process. You and your spouse may have assets that are invested, saved or put aside that you'll have to access and disclosure during the divorce. You might have assets your spouse doesn't know about or vice-versa. These need to be fully disclosed.

Gray divorce involves special considerations

Often, married couples find that, once they reach a certain stage in the marriage, or once their children have moved on and established lives of their own, they no longer have as much in common as they once did. This is among the many reasons “gray” divorce is on the rise, but divorcing after 50 can involve certain challenges that differ from those faced by younger people.

Addressing spousal support in a prenuptial agreement

More and more couples in Georgia have come to realize the value a well-drafted prenuptial agreement brings to a marriage. Such an agreement can take away a great deal of the conflict couples experience over the marriage's finances. In turn, less conflict means a happier, healthier relationship overall.

The importance of having separate accounts to preserve privacy

One matter that quickly goes out the window in many Atlanta divorce situations, especially those involving wealthy couples, is privacy. It is not always easy to move on once it is time to separate shared assets and establish individual accounts to protect personal information. Things can become increasingly more difficult when there seems like there is no shortage of rumors and misinformation afoot once friends and family learn that the relationship is over. 

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