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Don’t let a Facebook update ruin your divorce

Social media is such an important part of our lives that many people don’t give a second thought to posting a selfie on Instagram or a status update to Facebook. In most cases, this presents no problem. However, Georgia residents in the midst of a divorce might find out the hard way that a seemingly innocent picture can tell the court a lot more than a thousand words. To put it simply, your social media activity may be detrimental to your divorce case.

Understanding temporary and permanent alimony in Georgia

Spousal support is intended to be used to provide a lesser-earning spouse (in most cases) with support while he or she regains the ability to earn substantial income and support him or herself. For the most part, spousal support is no longer permanent, meaning that there is an end date for any spousal support order. However, remember that Georgia does still recognize the need for permanent alimony, so individuals who have been in a long-term marriage may find that permanent alimony is a possibility.

How a mediated divorce assures your privacy

If you and your spouse are a high-asset Georgia couple well known in your community, the last thing either of you wants when you divorce is to have your lives spread across social media, TV and the press. A mediated divorce spares you all this. In addition, mediation allows the two of you to maintain control of your respective lives by giving you the opportunity to resolve your own issues rather than leaving life-changing decisions up to a judge.

Be prepared for mediation in child custody cases

Child custody cases are often resolved much faster when the parents put their differences aside and work together to come up with the terms. This is sometimes done without the need for a third-party mediator; however, it is nice to know that a mediator is there when you need one.

Is your spouse hiding assets in divorce?

Because you and your spouse have a high net worth, you may have several challenges in the divorce process that those without high assets do not face. One of these is taking steps to ensure that your spouse does not hide assets from you in order to keep more than his or her equitable share of the marital property.

Fathers in Georgia are at a disadvantage for child custody

Fathers in Georgia are at a marked disadvantage when it comes to child custody. As many states are moving toward encouraging equal time spent with the mother and father, this state isn't really doing this, which means that dads aren't getting the time they need to forge strong relationships with their children.

Understanding rehabilitative alimony in Georgia

Rehabilitative alimony is the one kind of alimony you should learn about if you think you'll be expected to pay alimony to a spouse who did not work during your marriage. This kind of alimony is designed to help him or her as he or she learns a new trade or gets back into a normal workflow. The alimony isn't unlimited, and it's possible to limit it to only a year or two while your ex-spouse gets back on his or her feet.

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