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Bethenny turns down $10 million demand to settle divorce

Sometimes a celebrity divorce provides examples of some contentious issues that are fairly common. One such divorce is that of celebrity Bethenny Frankel, who has been in an acrimonious dispute with her spouse, businessman Jason Hoppy for the past 15 months. Some of the issues raised are instructive for those seeking a divorce in Georgia, and anywhere else for that matter.

Walmart heiress Paige Laurie files for divorce

Walmart heiress, Paige Laurie Dubbert, finds herself in the spotlight once again. It is no surprise that a high-asset case, like that of the Walmart dynasty, is making headlines after she filed for divorce. Georgia residents may find it interesting that, despite the messy litigation, Laurie is not fighting the terms of her original prenuptial agreement.

Father threatens mother with revenge porn in child custody case

All family court judges strictly prohibit the parents from engaging in vindictive personal attacks or extortionist tactics to gain advantage in a child custody fight. This is even more true where the child or children may be potentially exposed to the recriminatory accusations. In Georgia and everywhere else, a parent involved in a child custody contest can benefit only by a position of good faith transparency, and a tunnel-vision focus solely on the best interest of the child.

Ski champion still negotiating child custody agreement

A custody case often arises during a divorce of the child's parents. The couple has separated and a divorce action filed. In Georgia and most states, the child custody issue can be listed in the divorce complaint or by answer in a counterclaim. Alternatively, a petition or other document may be separately filed, whether or not a divorce has been filed, in which one party asks for custody.

Surveys show continued marital and divorce instability

Based on surveys continuing since 2008, a sociology study now concludes that divorce is skyrocketing in the older age categories, and living-together instability among the younger groups is at crisis levels. This doesn't show up in the divorce statistics, however, because young people who cohabit do not get divorces. In Georgia and nationwide, the younger people are trading in their existing mates for new models quite regularly, and of course, with no marriage there is generally no economic consequence to moving along.

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