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Should you refuse alimony? Think carefully before you do

In today's world, it's common for both men and women to work. While it was common for men to be the breadwinners in the past, the same is not always true today. In a divorce scenario, that can create unusual tension, especially when it comes to spousal support.

Can a forensic account help your high-asset divorce?

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for most people, but it can be especially trying for those who have a significant asset portfolio. In a high-asset divorce, your financial future is at stake. If your divorce does not go the way you need it to, you could face a notable drop in your standard of living from an economic standpoint.

Review parenting plans and styles for the new year

The new year brings the possibility of change and hope to most people. For parents who are divorced, this might be a good time to review the child custody arrangement and try to figure out if any changes are necessary. This is also a great opportunity to review your own parenting style and decide what is working and what isn't.

Man charged for interfering with custody in Georgia

Child custody is sometimes complicated, but it's usually something that can be worked out if both parents can stay calm and think rationally. Unfortunately, not all parents are rational when it comes to wanting to see their children -- nor are the other adults in their lives.

Spouses of business owners: Know if you're entitled to assets

If you are not the spouse who ran a business during your marriage, you might think it's fine to leave the business alone and to walk away. However, you're likely entitled to some part of the profits from that business and may even be liable for some debts.

Deciding who gets the house in a divorce

There are many key aspects of the divorce process, with property division high on most everyone's list. As you focus on your assets and debts, you may come to find the family home is what means the most to you as you divorce. Your spouse, however, may feel the same way. The question of who will get the house in a divorce depends on a variety of factors.

Will the court deny visitation?

Divorce is coming, and nothing is more important to you than being able to see your children. You know that you may not get custody of the kids, but will you at least get visitation rights so that you can spend time with them? Or should you be worried that the court will deny you visitation as well?

What to know about filing taxes after divorce

Divorcing your spouse can upend your life in numerous ways, potentially impacting everything from where you live and work to how often you get to see your children. While you may focus your energy on rebuilding the fundamental aspects of your life in the wake of a divorce, you must also consider how your new marital status will impact you come tax time.

Work together and you'll resolve your divorce faster

When you go through with a divorce, one of the most difficult things is having to go through your possessions and divide them with your spouse. Georgia is an equitable distribution state, so there is no 50-50 requirement. While that's good for some people, it is also more complicated than in a community property state.

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