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Work with your ex-spouse for a successful school year

Nothing throws a kink in a well-crafted custody schedule like the start of a new school year. Between homework, sports events, after-school clubs, choir or band practice and all the other things that can occupy both kids and their parents, it can be tough to maintain a workable plan.

These mistakes could cost you your spousal support check

If you are someone who receives alimony, you need to make sure that you don't do something that could eliminate your right to it. One of those things could be moving in with a new partner. If you change your circumstances and plan to get married or become engaged, you'll give your ex the perfect reason to head back to court and seek the termination of a spousal support order.

How to keep your antiques in the divorce

You have always appreciated furniture from other time periods, and you have worked hard during your marriage to fill your home with valuable pieces that enrich your life. Now, your spouse is talking about divorce, and you worry that you will have to sell off your collection or lose some of your favorite pieces to your spouse during property division. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your odds of coming out of property division with what is important to you.

Get prepared, so you can avoid financial surprises during divorce

As a female going through a divorce, you're probably aware that there are a few challenges you may have that others do not. A surprising 46 percent of women asked about divorce stated that it came with financial surprises they weren't prepared for, which is not something you have to go through. Good preparation and knowledge about the divorce process can help you.

Medically fragile children may need special child custody orders

Parenting a child who has special needs is difficult, especially when those needs are intensive. A complex medical diagnosis or a challenging mental health condition can really put pressure on the parents as they try to ensure that the child's best interests are considered with every decision.

Is your family's business at risk in your divorce?

Divorce can have a great deal of collateral damage. For instance, often the relationships the spouses had with friends and family members are adversely affected by divorce. Some of the friends of the couple and even close relatives may feel as if they have to "take sides" and wind up cutting off or limiting contact with one spouse.

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