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Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties and offshore assets

In a divorce where assets or accounts are located offshore mutual legal assistance treaties can be useful in location and retrieval. In situations where there may be an investigation into locating hidden assets, they can be essential for cooperation of all parties.

Modifying a child support order when circumstances change

Child support orders are based partly on the child's needs and partly on the paying parent's income. When the paying parent's income drops, due to job loss or other financial pressures, it can become impossible to live up to an old child support order. Falling behind in child support payments can cause terrible financial problems.

What is forensic accounting and when is it needed?

Forensic accounting can be defined as a combination of traditional accounting, investigative skills, auditing and compilation of evidence to be used as viable evidence in a court case. A forensic accountant is highly trained to take a very in-depth dive into the financial records and history of a company or individual. He or she will look much further than just the numbers, taking into consideration the nature and scope of the business as well. They will then summarize their findings for a clear, concise presentation to the court.

Prenups aren't as ironclad as you might think

A long time ago, we wrote a post about a prenuptial agreement that was upheld by a judge after it was legally challenged. That post brought up an interesting topic that we would like to expand upon today: when you challenge a prenuptial agreement, what are some common grounds that are used to support the claim?

3 ways to safeguard your business in a divorce

You have poured your heart and soul into your business venture, and now you are getting a divorce. If you have concerns about losing all your hard work to your wife, you are not alone. A company is often one of the most valuable assets in a divorce. You do not want to see it all go away during the property division process. 

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