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Divorce over 50 could impact Georgia couples

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Divorce can be a difficult time both emotionally and financially for some couples. Recent articles and statistics show that couples that divorce over the age of 50 are on the rise. For that reason, Georgia residents may take a special interest in an article published that not only provided statistics, but a few helpful ideas when moving forward as well.

It was pointed out that divorces as a whole have seemed to level off while divorces over 50 have continually increased and actually doubled since 1990. This statistic was shown to be such a big deal because half of the married population is over 50 year of age. It is suspected part of this is related to the fact that older individuals are at times on their second or even third marriage. It has been proved that the longer a couple is married, the more likely they are to stay together, but that still isn’t a guarantee that a couple won’t divorce.

People over 50 that divorce fall into a group of individuals that are more likely to struggle financially. It can also put on strain on any children involved in the situation, as they may now find themselves caring for their parents. Having a financial plan earlier in the marriage could help a person feel more secure should a divorce take place later on.

Any Georgia resident facing divorce later in life could benefit from having an understanding of the applicable state laws. They could also benefit from knowing what they are entitled to. Since a couple has potentially been together for a lengthy time at this stage in their life, having the proper knowledge can help a person move forward with confidence a positive outcome will be achieved.

Source: The New York Times, Divorce After 50 Grows More Common, Sam Roberts, Sept. 20, 2013

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