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What Georgia residents may not expect during a divorce

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Divorce is often one of life’s most stressful events. As with anything, having some prior knowledge and being well-prepared can make all the difference between a lengthy battle and a quicker, amicable separation. The suggestions in one recent article may help Georgia residents be better prepared. The piece outlines many realities that one may not often think about when going through a divorce.

One potential problem to confront may be unexpected is judgment from other people. Some people may have an opinion about the divorce and feel the need to share it. The majority of these people will have good intentions, but there are some whose comments can be classified as mean-spirited. Some even claim that people choosing to divorce are ruining their lives and the lives of their family. On the other hand, the people whose opinions matter most will be supportive, with genuine compassion.

Divorce also often seems to be a waiting game. Everything from legal proceedings through the healing process and coming to terms with a new reality can take longer than one would hope. The shock of divorce can initially make each second seem like an eternity. However, with each passing minute, day and month, a new normality helps to bring hope and stability.

Georgia residents might be surprised to learn that children can be far more resilient and adjust to the new situation quicker than one might imagine. One’s own resilience and ability to handle the emotional ups and downs of a divorce may also be a pleasant surprise. What really may be unforeseen is that, with time and with the strains of living together removed, a friendship with the former spouse may be possible. It is also more likely that couples separating amicably can negotiate a divorce settlement that is beneficial to both parties.

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