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Factors that affect your chances of divorce

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Are you worried that divorce is imminent? Whether or not you hope it will happen, you are probably wondering if you are reading the signs correctly so you can properly prepare for such a life-changing event. Many red flags exist by which you can tell if your spouse is planning on leaving you. In addition, certain circumstances can raise the odds of a divorce.

You may want to know what these are so you can understand the risk for your marriage.


How many divorced friends you have may influence the likelihood of you joining the ranks, as well, says a multi-university study. The correlation may be due to receiving support from those who have been through divorce and seeing a positive post-divorce life. On the other hand, the study showed a lower divorce rate for those who have many strong friendships.


At what age you tied the knot also affects the odds of divorce, with a higher age (up to the early 30s) leading to a lower chance of splitting. However, if you and your spouse have a significant age difference, your marriage is likelier to end than for those who are only a few years apart.

Personal history

Are either of your parents divorced? A history of divorce in the family raises the risk for your own marriage. Likewise, if you have divorced before, you have a greater chance of doing it again. Other traits that lower divorce are having a college education and being religious.


Having a higher income usually comes with a longer-lasting marriage, probably due to financial stability not adding strain to the relationship. Yet, one study has shown that the couples who spend more than $20,000 on the ceremony and celebrations, a factor relevant to the higher income bracket, have a higher rate of divorce.


If you have children at home, staying together is more probable. However, if your children are out of the house, divorce may be less of an issue.

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