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Could those business trips lead to a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Business Divorce |

You’re very invested in your work, and you’re very successful as a result. You own your own company, you broker international deals and your revenue goes up every year.

This success does not come without a price, though. In order to keep it going, you have to travel constantly. You take a long business trip every few months. Often, you have to go overseas, so you’re gone for weeks at a time. Even when you are at home, minor trips around the United States often mean that you’re gone for the weekend or the middle of the work week.

Though you enjoy it, it is a relentless schedule. Could it have a serious impact on your personal life?

It may. Experts note that spending too much time away from your spouse can make the two of you start to feel distant. It may seem like you’re disconnected, which can detract from the quality of the time that you are able to spend together. You may almost begin to feel like two acquaintances who were forced to share a house. Yes, you know each other, but your relationship may no longer be that close and it may feel a bit awkward and strained.

You may also develop very different lifestyles. From your time on the road, you may grow to love eating out at nice restaurants and exploring the city. Your spouse, however, may want to stay home and relax. It’s not that you cannot do both, but these differences make it so one of you may not teally enjoy the time you do have together. You may both feel like you want different things in life.

Eventually, these feelings could lead to divorce. As the owner of a successful business, you need to know what options you have to protect your company from the end of your marriage.

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