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Parenting plans need to occur soon after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Child Custody |

The decision to divorce is one that impacts the two adults in many ways, but none of these compare to what their children are going through. These kids have lived with their parents in the same home for their entire childhood. Now, they are finding out that they will have to adjust to having two different homes and not being around both parents at the same time. This is a very difficult adjustment for them to make.

We know that you want to ensure that your children have what they need to thrive. When you are going through a divorce, this might not be easy to do. One way that you might be able to help them get this is to get the parenting plan agreement hashed out quickly. This might not be easy since you and your ex might have different ideas about what the children need, but you will find that it is all over with faster if you are willing to compromise.

There are many aspects of the agreement to think about. Oftentimes, the schedule is going to be the area where you have the most difficulty. Think about the child’s daily schedule and determine how you and your ex can work around that. You might find that you need to get a bit creative to come up with something that works.

You also have to determine how you are going to handle decision-making and other points of parenting. These all need to be covered in the agreement so that you know what each parent is responsible for from the start. We can help you review the points that you need to cover in the parenting plan. Once you have this, you and your ex can try to get things settled.

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