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Consider asking for spousal support to solidify your finances

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2019 | Spousal Support |

One question many people have when they’re going through divorce is whether or not they want to seek spousal support. Many times, spousal support isn’t necessary, because both spouses work or have their own assets to fall back on. This is particularly true in short-term marriages.

However, as marriages lengthen, children become part of the equation or changes occur in the marriage, people become intertwined more tightly. As a result, one person may work less than the other or have a large gap between incomes. For that individual, a divorce could change their lives and make it much more difficult to maintain the same standard of living.

It’s people in this situation that often benefit from spousal support. Spousal support isn’t intended to be available forever, but it can help even the distribution of money from the marriage. With a little extra support, a spouse who earns less may be able to afford to live in the same wealthy neighborhood or go back to school to further their careers. The support can provide financial balance when it’s needed most.

Some people don’t like spousal support, because it requires one spouse to be tied to the other for several years or longer. For people worried about that, a good suggestion is to consider a lump-sum payout. That way, you can both part ways and won’t necessarily have to speak with one another after the divorce (unless there are children or other ties involved).

Your attorney can give you more information on the benefits of spousal support and why you should consider asking for it.

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