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Georgia man reunited with son after 559 days apart

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2019 | Child Custody |

One Georgia man was forced to travel to Michigan to be reunited with his 4-year-old son. The boy’s mother had defied a Georgia court and refused to appear for hearings to determine the custody of the boy.

Instead, she took the child and fled to Michigan. Her flight led to the man’s separation from his son for a year and a half. He stated, “This is the fight that men in America have to go through just to be with their kids.”

After the woman took the child and fled to the Detroit area, the boy’s father hired a Michigan private investigator (PI) to surveil the mother and determine whether she was parenting the child appropriately.

What the PI discovered was appalling. The woman left the young child alone in a car while she worked her job at a dialysis center. The PI called 911 to report the situation. She claimed another adult was supposed to arrive to babysit him.

Despite her egregious parenting breach, both the cops and Child Protective Services (CPS) social workers still permitted her to retain custody of the boy.

However, the father was not through fighting. He sought emergency temporary custody of his son, and the courts agreed. Also, a warrant was issued for the mother for skipping out of the Georgia custody proceedings.

Authorities with the federal Marshals Missing Child Unit informed the mother that there was an active warrant out on her for custodial interference. She agreed to surrender herself with her child.

When the mother was taken into custody, the boy’s father was there to assume custody and avoid his child entering the foster care system.

The attorney for the father will now seek permanent custody of the child from the court.

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