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Considerations for child custody in Georgia

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Parents who are going through a child custody case in Georgia should understand some of the intricacies of how these cases are handled. These cases are very personal matters that require all parties involved to think about what’s best for the children.

There are a few things that have to be decided when you’re trying to develop the child custody plan. Some individuals can work together to create the plan through mediation, but others will have to turn to the court to set the order because of conflicts that can’t be resolved.

Plan the child’s schedule

The child’s schedule is a primary factor in the parenting plan. This should include a main calendar when the child will spend time with each parent. It also needs to have instructions for holidays, summer and other special times throughout the year. You must think about things like what activities they have and which parent is best able to accommodate these schedules.

Determine the transportation plan

Getting the children where they need to go is another thing to decide. At a minimum, you need to outline how they will get from one parent to the other. Name the transition location and times so both parents know what’s expected.

Outline who makes what decisions

The decision-making powers, which are known as legal custody, cover everything from medical care to education. You need to clearly state which parent is responsible for what. Some parents choose to share these responsibilities, which is usually possible if you can get along with each other. There should also be a plan for how emergencies will be handled.

Factor in special considerations

Children who are at least 14 years old can decide whom they want to live with in Georgia. They can ask for this to change every two years if desired.

Another factor to consider is that the order should reflect what the children need now. If there are significant changes in the circumstances of the case, you can request a modification from the court. This can be handled via mediation or by asking a judge to change the order.

Throughout the child custody case, you must ensure that your parental rights are being respected and that the decisions are in the child’s best interests. You must ensure you know the options for each aspect of the custody case so you can make informed decisions. Your legal team is a primary source of information and assistance.

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