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How should you handle social media during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Divorce |

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant or easy experience. You may feel the need to share your fears, concerns, stress, etc. with your friends and family even more than you usually do. Doing so via Facebook and other social media may, however, be the worst thing you can do. Why? Because as FindLaw explains, the personal information you post online is not secure, no matter how stringently you have set your security settings. It could easily fall into the wrong hands; i.e., those of your about-to-be former spouse and his or attorney, and come back to haunt you in court. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of U.S. divorce attorneys admit that Facebook, et al. serve as their primary sources for negative information they can use against their clients’ respective spouses when the cases go to trial. 

Social media no-nos 

Once you file for divorce, you would do well to refrain from posting any of the following online: 

  • Information about apartments or houses you have considered moving to, including addresses, descriptions, photos, etc. 
  • Information about where you go, whether or not accompanied by friends, to socialize, including photos, addresses, etc. 
  • Information about anyone you have begun dating, including name, description, photos, etc. 
  • Information about any new purchases you have made, especially expensive ones, including photos, descriptions, etc. 
  • Photos that depict you in a questionable or compromising setting or position, especially a sexually-compromising one 
  • Negative or demeaning information about your soon-to-be former spouse 

When in doubt as to whether or not you should post something online during your divorce, you cannot go wrong by refraining from doing so. Whatever you may wish to tell or show your friends and family, doing so face-to-face represents your wisest strategy. 

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