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What are the benefits of shared custody?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Child Custody |

Georgia parents like you deal with a lot during divorce. You must divide your assets. You must disentangle joint property. If you have business ventures, this also creates complex divisions. But your children will take up the most time of all.

Custody matters are important for your child’s stability. Many studies discuss the importance of doing things in your child’s best interest. Likewise, many also point to shared custody holding the most benefits.

Shared custody helps with emotional stability

Divorce Magazine goes into detail discussing the benefits of shared custody. In particular, there is a focus on how this type of custody benefits children of divorce. First, studies say that the children of joint custody have a greater sense of stability. This can provide many mental benefits. Some include:

  • Less likely to lash out at authority figures
  • Better at connecting with peers
  • Lower rates of depression and anxiety
  • Lower rates of post traumatic stress disorder

Professionals say that joint custody provides grounding even in turbulent times. Your child still has both parents to rely on. Even if they go through many other changes, this fact remains the same.

The benefits of joint financial support

The joint financial benefits also provide some help for your child. In a sole custody situation, one parent shoulders most of the financial burden. The other pays child support. But this does not cover as many expenses as you may think. When parents share joint custody, they also share the financial burden in a more even way.

Shared or joint custody does not work in every situation. But if it works for you, you may wish to consider it for your child’s benefit.

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