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How do you prepare your child for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Divorce |

Georgia parents like you have a lot to consider when going into a divorce. First, you must deal with your own matters. This includes alimony and asset division. You also need to decide who is keeping the house or moving out.

But you must also consider your children. For parents, this is a top priority. You need to determine matters like custody and child support. Most important, you must figure out how to break the news to your child.

Work with your co-parent

Psychology Today offers insight into some tips for breaking divorce to your child. Unfortunately, there is no way to make this perfectly easy or free of pain. There is no way to eliminate the difficulties that will lie ahead for your family. But there are ways to dampen the damage.

First, make sure you present a unified front. Work together with your co-parent, not against each other. Plan out what you want to say in advance. Make sure you are on the same page. Prepare for any questions that your children may ask. Understand they will likely ask a lot of them. Also, decide where you want to draw your boundaries. Your children do not need to know every detail about your divorce. Some things should end up summarized or left out entirely.

Keep your kids in the loop

Next, make sure your children are not surprised by anything. Let them know which parent is moving out. Tell them what will change because of the divorce. Reassure them of what will stay the same. It is easier to cope with change when it is not unexpected.

Finally, make sure your children understand that this is not their fault. Children often internalize blame and guilt from divorce. Let them know as many times as possible that none of this is because of them.

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