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How summer could impact child custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Child Custody |

Summer in Georgia remains an active time for families, even in the aftermath of a divorce. Custody arrangements set up for the structured school year could fall short during the busy time of travel and vacations.

Parents should take a look at the need for possible modifications of an existing custody arrangement during the summer months.

A long list of possibilities

According to 2houses, summer child custody plans should factor in the time each parent wants to take the child or children on vacation. Parents should also consider work schedules, travel distances and any special needs of the child. One simple plan involves each parent having the child for two weeks at a time. This arrangement builds continuity for everyone.

A family can also work out a schedule that varies by the days of the week. Almost any configuration of days could work, but the best schedule accounts for the personal preferences of all parties. If the family takes significant vacations, the custody plan should take into account the length of each vacation. Finally, a 50/50 split of custody works well in situations where the parents live close together and the child supports this decision.

A need for documentation

Any modification of a custody arrangement could require the acceptance of the courts. At the minimum, parents should record the alternative arrangement in writing to ensure clarity. Both parents should have access to the details of the modified plan to make sure no confusion results.

Custody arrangements are an important aspect of an effective parenting plan. Accommodating the busy time of summer could require some flexibility among all parties.

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