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Signs you are the victim of parental alienation during divorce

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Dissolving a marriage is often painful. It is especially trying when children are part of the equation. A bitter spouse might poison the well and turn the opinions of little ones against the other parent.

The devastation can be enormous. It hurts emotionally and might even impact the custody decision-making process. Amid getting a divorce, it can be tough to know whether your soon-to-be-ex is engaging in this unethical tactic. Raise the red flag the moment you see the signs.

Irrational thinking

When parents weaponize little ones, kids may develop hatreds they cannot explain. Unreasonable objections could suddenly become a point of contention. Examples include criticizing the way you eat or dress. The reasons they offer for disliking you may not even have a basis in reality.

Persistent ignoring

Dependents taught to hate one parent often act distant. Manipulated sons and daughters might say less than typical or be aloof in your presence. Their attitude may even extend to relatives on your side of the family. Loving grandparents are especially likely to take this hard. When addressing negative behaviors, the child might display an uncharacteristic lack of concern.

Unoriginal thinking

Children absorb whatever words and ideas are nearby for them to pick up. Thus, they are likely to parrot the thoughts of the parent they are around the most. Hearing precisely the same language as your former partner is a reason for concern.

Stopping parental alienation is vital for fairness to prevail during your divorce. Working with a psychologist and an attorney could help neutralize the matter.

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