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Different financial professionals you may need in a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Property Division |

When your Georgia marriage reaches its end, you may wonder what your financial future is going to look like once you begin living on your own. If you stopped working to raise a family or support your spouse while he or she furthered his or her own career, you may feel especially concerned about being able to maintain your lifestyle after a divorce.

However, Kiplinger notes that there are various types of financial professionals who may be able to help you navigate various financial aspects of your divorce. Whether you need one or more of them to help you in your divorce depends on what goals you have. However, you may decide to ask for help from one or more of the following.

Certified financial planners

The role of the CFP is to help you plan for a successful financial future. While a CFP may help you negotiate a settlement during your divorce, he or she may also help you put plans in place for retirement. This type of professional may also help you formulate a budget to stick to once your divorce becomes final.

Certified public accountants

Divorce is going to affect your tax obligations, and the more you understand how it does so, the better. A CPA’s main job is to help you anticipate and plan for the tax implications of a divorce. Yet, some CPAs also work as forensic accountants. Forensic accountants may be able to help you if you think your spouse is hiding assets or income streams in an attempt not to share them with you.

Other financial professionals you might rely on in a divorce include business valuators, certified value builders and certified divorce financial analysts.

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