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The role of a social worker in your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce marks the end of one relationship with your spouse, but also gives way to a new co-parenting relationship if you have kids to consider. It is important to maintain a healthy family dynamic for the sake of your children, and that is where a social worker may enter the picture.

Social workers strive to facilitate coping, healing and overcoming emotional obstacles. By understanding the exact role that a social worker can play in your divorce, you can decide if these services are right for your family.

What can a family social worker do during your divorce?

Your child’s well-being should be your foremost concern in the wake of a divorce. To that end, a family social worker can help identify emotional or mental health issues that might arise in your child as a result of the divorce especially if abuse is a factor in the split. Social workers can also help parents by guiding them toward a lifestyle built on cooperative co-parenting and low-conflict interactions.

When is the right time to speak to a social worker?

It is never too early to involve a social worker in a situation that clearly has the potential for breeding marital conflict. If you do not already have a social worker assisting you in your case, divorce mediation is a perfect time to contact one. While a mediator serves to urge both parties to reach a mutually-beneficial compromise, a social worker can provide input that gently nudges you toward a solution that is healthy for your family and relationship overall.

There are many types of experts that can assist you in reaching the best possible outcome in your divorce. The role of a social worker, specifically, is to ensure that your family continues to cope healthily with the divorce long after the fact.

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