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3 benefits of mediation for high-asset divorces

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Family Law |

Even after years together building a life, married couples can easily drift apart and want different things.

Considering that Georgia has one of the highest divorce rates in the U.S., many couples face this change in life. When divorce happens for high-asset couples, it often has more complexities. In those cases, mediation may provide an ideal solution.

1. Maintain privacy

Regular divorce proceedings require going to court, which means a loss of privacy. Those private matters now get aired out in public for nearly anyone to find out about. For high-asset couples, that may result in a tarnished reputation. When working with a mediator, everything that happens during the process stays private.

2. Expedite the process

When both partners agree that the marriage needs to end, it typically comes with some sense of urgency to get the process over and start a new life. If the resolution requires court proceedings, it may mean delays and months of waiting for the matter to get finalized. Mediation significantly speeds up the process. As the couple works with the neutral mediator, they can hash out the different topics to develop a solution that both agree upon in a couple of months instead of potentially waiting up to a year.

3. Stay in control

For couples who simply cannot get along or agree on anything, it means heading to court and getting stuck with whatever the judge decides. In many cases, that supposedly equitable solution may leave one or both parties frustrated. Mediation allows couples who continue to stay on good terms the option to decide the distribution of assets and custody arrangements.

While mediation does not work for all couples, ones with significant assets and a civil relationship may benefit from it.

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