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Uncovering hidden assets in a divorce proceeding

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | High-asset Divorce |

Divorce is a complex process involving emotional strain and logistical challenges. One of the most contentious aspects can be the division of assets. Fair distribution relies on complete transparency about all marital assets, but sometimes a spouse may attempt to hide assets to affect the settlement in their favor.

Recognizing signs of hidden assets and understanding how to uncover them is essential for an equitable divorce settlement. Being vigilant can help ensure fair asset distribution.

Signs your spouse might be hiding assets

There are several red flags that might indicate a spouse is hiding assets. One sign could be sudden changes in financial habits or secrecy around financial matters. If your spouse starts making large purchases, opens new bank accounts without clear reasons or becomes evasive about financial discussions, these could be signs of hidden assets.

Another sign is if your spouse starts to control all financial documents and statements. If they deny you access or you suddenly stop receiving these documents, your spouse might be trying to conceal financial information.

Steps to uncover hidden assets

To uncover potential hidden assets, start by reviewing all available financial documents carefully. Look for inconsistencies or transactions that do not make sense. Detailed scrutiny of tax returns, bank statements and credit card statements can reveal hidden income or assets.

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, remember to maintain clear, thorough records of all financial transactions and documents. Being aware of the signs of hidden assets can protect your rights during the divorce process. Divorce is a difficult time, but with careful attention and appropriate action, you can ensure that fairness prevails in the distribution of assets.

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