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Benefits of a forensic accountant in a high-end divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2023 | High-asset Divorce |

High-end divorces come with added complexity and high stakes for you and your future ex.

In these situations, a forensic accountant can make all the difference in ensuring a fair and just distribution of assets.

Uncovering hidden assets

Before becoming one of the 11.2% of divorced people in Georgia and starting a new life, getting what you deserve from marital assets is imperative. Unfortunately, divorces involving substantial wealth may tempt your spouse to hide assets from you. This deceit can greatly affect the equitable distribution of resources.

Valuing complex financial holdings

During high-end divorces, financial portfolios often include intricate investments, such as stocks, real estate and business holdings. Forensic accountants use their analytical skills to assess the value of these holdings objectively. This ensures that neither you have an unfair advantage or disadvantage because of an inaccurate asset valuation.

Determining true income

A fair settlement requires a clear understanding of how much you both make. In cases where one spouse is self-employed or has complex income sources, determining the true earning capacity brings added challenges. Forensic accountants sift through financial documents, including tax returns and business records, to ensure accurate income figures.

Tracing financial misconduct

In some instances, a spouse might engage in financial misconduct, such as wasting assets to reduce their worth during divorce. Forensic accountants analyze financial records to identify any such wrongdoing.

Since Georgia is an equitable distribution state, you want to ensure that you can account for all assets. If anything is left out, the courts will base their decision on the inaccurate information they have at hand.

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