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Who will get the summer house during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2023 | Divorce |

Amid a divorce, the question of who gets the cherished summer house can be a source of intense contention.

Atlanta, known for its warm climate and vibrant culture, often sees couples grappling with this issue as they navigate the challenging process of separating their lives.

Property ownership

One of the primary considerations is property ownership. The summer house’s legal ownership can significantly impact its allocation during the divorce. If both spouses’ names are on the deed, a co-ownership situation arises. In this case, a couple might sell the home and split the proceeds evenly, or one spouse may opt to buy out the other’s share, depending on their financial capacity.

Financial contributions

In many divorces, finances are a key factor. The spouse who financially contributed more to the summer house might have a stronger claim to it. Contributions are not limited to the initial purchase. They can also include ongoing expenses like maintenance, property taxes and improvements.

Emotional attachment

Sometimes, emotions play a significant role in deciding who gets the summer house. If one spouse has a profound emotional attachment to the property, it may influence the decision. However, emotional attachment alone might not be enough to secure ownership.

Negotiation and settlement

In many cases, couples can avoid lengthy court battles by negotiating and reaching a settlement. This can involve trading assets, financial compensation or other arrangements that both parties find agreeable. A negotiated settlement often provides more flexibility and control over the outcome.

While Georgia had a low divorce rate of 1.9 per 1,000 population, the dissolution of a marriage is the best solution for many couples. When the divorce involves high assets and multiple properties, it can add to the challenge. Striving to reach an amicable agreement simplifies the process and reduces stress.

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