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Role of a guardian ad litem in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Child Custody |

Child custody cases can be emotionally charged and complex, requiring a careful examination of the child’s best interests.

In these situations, the guardian ad litem plays a pivotal role in representing the child’s interests, ensuring their well-being remains the focal point of legal decisions.

Investigating and assessing

According to the U.S. Census, just over 70% of children live with two parents, but this statistic does not mean that these children live with both their biological parents. During family separations, the courts can appoint a guardian ad litem to advocate for the children involved. These individuals investigate and assess the children’s living conditions and interactions with both parents. Then, they make recommendations to the court.

Advocating for the child

The GAL does not represent either parent. Instead, these individuals become the voice of the child. They advocate for what is in the children’s best interests. This advocacy extends beyond the courtroom. The GAL works to ensure that the children’s needs get fulfilled both during and after legal proceedings.

Collaboration with professionals

GALs often collaborate with a team of professionals, including social workers, therapists and educators, to gather information for the case. This allows the GAL to provide the court with a well-rounded perspective on the child’s emotional, physical and educational needs.

Making recommendations to the court

The GAL uses the investigation results to recommend custody arrangements to the court. These recommendations carry significant weight due to the GAL’s deep understanding of the child’s unique circumstances and needs.

Ensuring compliance with court orders

The GAL stays involved to ensure both parents implement and comply with the court’s orders. This ongoing commitment encourages parents to prioritize their children’s best interests.

The GAL is important in child custody cases. They keep the court proceedings focused on the children and their needs.

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