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Benefits of staying off social media during a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Divorce |

Going through a divorce can be a challenging process filled with emotional ups and downs. It might be tempting to share feelings and updates on social media.

Individuals should know the benefits of keeping personal details offline during a divorce.

Reducing emotional stress

Social media platforms can amplify negative emotions during a divorce. Seeing updates from your soon-to-be ex or mutual friends can increase stress and sadness. Staying away from social media helps minimize these emotional triggers, making it easier to focus on healing.

Protecting privacy

Maintaining privacy during a divorce shields this personal matter from acquaintances.  Avoiding social media ensures that details do not become public. This protection of privacy extends to both adults and any children involved, safeguarding the family from unwanted attention.

Preventing misunderstandings

It is easy to misinterpret posts, comments and even likes on social media, leading to conflicts between spouses. Staying off social media reduces the risk of misunderstandings, making the divorce process smoother.

Remaining amicable

Information shared on social media can negatively affect negotiations. Posts about new purchases, trips or lifestyle changes can create conflicts during financial discussions. By avoiding social media, you help keep the negotiation process more amicable.

Allowing genuine support

Friends and followers may offer support during a divorce, but they can also share unsolicited advice or make judgmental comments. Staying away from social media shields you from these influences so you can make decisions based on what is best for you.

Focusing on in-person interactions for support during a divorce ensures that you receive genuine help and advice. Direct conversations with close friends and family members provide stronger support than online interactions.

About 76% of women and 59% of men use Facebook, but taking a break from social media during a divorce can symbolize a fresh start. It offers a chance to focus on personal growth and to develop interests outside of the digital world. This break can be a stepping stone to a new chapter in life.

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