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Georgia residents facing divorce may notice changes in alimony

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2013 | Alimony |

Georgia residents going through a divorce may be facing the possibility of either paying or receiving alimony. Recent debates have suggested that alimony may soon be a thing of the past. People that are faced with the challenge of alimony may take interest in an article that was published recently.

While alimony was designed to help support the spouse in need after a divorce, some have since argued that it is being abused. Couples will often make a decision together that one of them will stay home to care for the house and children if children are involved. This can make it difficult for the person that stayed home to jump back into the working world after a divorce.

With that being said, several people are arguing that people are using alimony as a reason to marry a person that has a large amount of money simply to receive alimony when they divorce. Because of that, some states are revisiting the current laws and putting a cap or a timeline on how long a person can receive alimony after divorce. Ultimately, a person could still receive alimony but only for a time period the court feels is adequate for them to be able to secure their own financial future.

Any Georgia resident facing a divorce in which alimony could come into play may want to research the applicable state laws as they could be changing. By taking a proactive approach to the situation and having an understanding of what can be reasonably expected, a person can be more hopeful to receive the funds necessary to help start a new life. This can also be favorable to the person ordered to pay as they may not have to pay alimony for life as once was the case.

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