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Is permanent alimony realistic in a Georgia divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Alimony |

Georgia residents facing a divorce may be interested in one of the hot topics right now, alimony. This has turned into a controversial subject with people arguing if alimony should be allowed for a lifetime or if there should be a limit or cap put on it. A recently published article touched on when permanent alimony is appropriate.

The article noted that permanent alimony isn’t as common anymore because of the growing equality between men and women in the workforce. Education and earnings also typically come into play. When a person is able to financially care for themselves, they are less likely to be awarded alimony based on need.

Although it may not be common, receiving permanent alimony is still a possibility. A few factors could come into play. If a marriage lasted 30 years or longer, if the ex-spouse has health issues that are debilitating or are handicapped, or if they are in their fifties or older, then a person could be entitled to long term or permanent alimony. If one of the spouses chose to give up a career in order to care for the children that could also be a factor.

Any Georgia resident facing a divorce that feels alimony will be involved may benefit from understanding the applicable state laws. With so many contributing factors, one could find it helpful to be up to date on the most current laws and changes. With reasonable expectations and a plan on the best way to move forward, a person can be more confident a positive outcome will be reached.

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