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Refusing to pay spousal support in Georgia can get you in trouble

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Spousal Support |

When a family law court tells you that you must pay spousal support or alimony to your spouse, you must understand that it is not a request. It is a court order, and therefore, requires your full compliance. Regardless of your reasons, failure to make alimony payments will subject you to consequences as the court sees fit.

We understand the difficulties associated with paying spousal support in Georgia, especially in high-asset situations. It is expensive, and it is sometimes unfair to the paying spouse. Before you decide that you will not pay, take time to consider the consequences. If the court holds you in contempt for nonpayment, it might mean:

  • Losing your driver’s license
  • Paying costly fines
  • Serving time behind bars

The specific consequences depend on many things such as your jurisdiction and how your ex responds to nonpayment. Whatever the outcome, the family law court will not appreciate your blatant disregard of court orders, and it will not relieve you of your obligation to pay alimony.

We urge you to explore other alternatives if you believe your spousal support order is unfair. If possible, talk with your ex and explain why you cannot or will not pay. There is a chance he or she might be more understanding than you expect and will work with you to reach a legal solution.

If you are certain your attempt at resolution will fail or if you do not wish to communicate with your spouse, consider taking your story to a lawyer. An attorney can petition the court on your behalf to modify existing court orders. This will keep you out of legal trouble and may help eliminate or reduce your spousal support payments.

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